Event Shower W3

Control panels

The Event Shower W3 is ideal for a Kneipp cooling effect from the legs in direction of the heart by side nozzles. After the start of the programme by a button the light in the shower changes from white to blue. The lowest pair of side nozzles (level of the legs) starts to spray cold water. After an adjustable time the middle pair of nozzles (level of the hips) follows and after the same time the upper pair of nozzles (level of the upper part of the body). The pairs of nozzles can work together or separately from each other. After the end of the programme the illumination changes back to white and the nozzles are switching off. 

Event Shower W3

Technical Data

Electrical supply 230 V/AC 50 Hz 
Power supply 100 W 
Water supply 3/4" female thread 
Measures W 50 cm x H 50 cm x D 20 cm 
Weight app. 7 kg 

Scope of delivery

  • Supply with pre-filter and ball valve MS 3/4" female thread
  • 3 x Outlet with solenoid valve 1/2“ and screwing 1/2“
  • Micro-processor controller EDS1 in housing
  • Completely tubed and pre-wired on PP board grey

To be provided by the builder

  • Plants room for the installation of the control panel
  • Power socket 230V/ 50Hz
  • Water connection cold 3/4"
  • Needed pressure: 3 bar dynamic
  • Water quantity: 54 l/min at the use of 6 WDT Side Nozzles
  • Tubing to the nozzles

Accessories/ Options

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