Tropical Thunder RA2

Control panels

Programme 1: Tropical Rain 

After the start of the programme by a button the light in the shower changes from white to red and a soft, warm Drizzle Rain patters onto the guest in the shower. You hear birds tweeting. In the following a warm String Rain is added. A fruity, lively aroma fills the air. The light changes to yellow. Now a cold Drizzle Rain cools the temperature down. An automatical yellow-green color change starts. Then the cold Drizzle stops and the programme finishes with the warm Drizzle, the aromatized String Rain and an automatical red-green color change. After the end of the programme the illumination changes back to white, the warm Drizzle and the aromatised String Rain are switching off. 

Programme 2: Tropical Storm 

The programme starts with a warm Drizzle and red light. In a distance you hear the sound of waves and sea. After an adjustable time the light changes to green and a cold, refreshing fog with very fine droplets is added. A minty, cooling aroma fills the air. In the following the warm Drizzle stops and the cold Fog continues. Now a warm Tropical Rain with blue light ist added and then goes over into a warm Drizzle. You hear a thunderstorm coming and you see flashlights. The thunderstorm finishes in the last step of the programme. The illumination changes to red and the programme lapses with a warm Drizzle. After the end of the programme the illumination changes back to white, the warm Drizzle is switched off.

Tropical Thunder RA2

Technical Data

Electrical supply 230 V/AC 50 Hz  
Power supply 150 W  
Water supply 2 x 3/4" female thread  
Measures W 100 cm x H 75 cm x D 20 cm 
Weight app. 20 kg 

Scope of delivery

The control panel Tropical Thunder RA2 consists of:

  • 2 x Supply with pre-filter and ball valve MS 3/4" female thread
  • Thermo mixer JRG 3/4“ with non-return valves
  • 6 x Outlet with solenoid valve 1/2" and screwing 1/2"
  • Emptying for the tube to the aromatised nozzle
  • 2 x Fragrance pump with fragrance reservoir and empty switch
  • 2 x Dosing valve for the injection of aroma into the water tube
  • 2 x Micro-processor controller EDS1 in housing
  • Completely tubed and pre-wired on PP board grey

To be provided by the builder

  • Plants room for the installation of the control panel
  • Power socket 230V
  • Water connection cold 3/4"
  • Water connection warm 3/4"
  • Needed pressure: 3 bar dynamic
  • Water quantity max: 54 l/min
  • Tubing to the nozzles
  • Drain in the plants room
  • 2 x Non-return according to DIN EN1717 in the supply

Accessories/ Options

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