MP3 Player (available in summer 2018)

Sound module for Experience Showers

The MP3 player is installed in a compact housing. It can be controlled and parametrised via RS485-Bus with the Mod-Bus protocol. Alternatively it is possible to start the soundfiles/playlists via digital inputs. In this case there is the possibility to choose the soundfile via an operation panel or via 4 inputs (binary code). This is for example used in the combination with experience showers. A HMI (graphical display with cursor buttons) is used for the parametrisation. The sound files can be read from a micro SD card or a USB stick. The audio signal can be transmitted via a LineIN/LineOUT-connection and emited via a integrated 20W stereo amplifier. The following audio formats can be decoded: MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WMA, WAV PCM. The unit is prepared for the installation in a control box/housing on a cap rail. 

MP3 Player (available in summer 2018)

Technical Data

Electrical supply 12 – 24 VDC 
Control via RS485-Bus / Mod-Bus or digital inputs (binary code) 
Power consumption max. 10 W 
Accepted formats MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WMA, WAV PCM 
Music output 20 W 
Protection class IP30 for water and dust  
Measures W 71 mm x H 90 mm x D 58 mm 
Weigth app. 300 g 

Scope of delivery

Digital inputs

  • RS485 2-wire Bus with Mod-Bus protocol
  • 2x 4 digital input. BCD-format or push button panel

Audio interfaces

  • Stereo Line In and Line Out
  • Stereo amplifier output and sub-woofer (Mode 2.1)

Mass storage connections

  • USB interface for the connection of a USB stick
  • Micro SD card slot


  • 12V ..15VAC
  • or 12V..24VDC

Accessories/ Options

To be ordered seperately:

  • Humidor loudspeaker
  • Relay board NT34 for control via digital inputs
  • Transformer for power supply
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