Container GR 150


The Container GR 150 has been developed especially for applications with a high chemical consumption. The 90 kg storage system can be used in combination with all GRANUDOS 45/100 models. 

Container GR 150

Scope of delivery

Storage container: Closed dust-tight container is made of PE with welded support with adjustable legs and connecting flange for the assembling to the trunnion of the GRANUDOS 45/100. The transparent container allows to control the filling level visually in addition to the empty switch. For maintenance reasons a gate valve is installed at the lower container cone. If a GRANUDOS should be upgraded to this system, the existing dosing unit can be used. 

Drum support: Turnable drum support for the use with nearly all drums common in trade. The filling hopper has to be screwed onto the drum that will be fastened at the drum support at the floor, then lifted with the lifting device and rotated. Above the container the drum will be lowered. The filling hose will be inserted into the opening of the container. After opening the filling hopper by a slide valve, the granulated chemical will flow dust-free down to the storage container. 

Electric crane with trolley: Lifting power 200 kg. The lifting device will be used for lifting the drum support. The electric crane will be operated by a button. 

To be provided by the builder

• Necessary room height: min. 3m
• Necessary floor space required incl. working area crane: min. 1m x 2m