SOLDOS-V3 for steam rooms

Nebulisation of brine solution

Nebulisation of brine solution to create a salty sea climate for steam rooms. The SOLDOS is spraying fine nebulized, sterile brine solution into steam rooms. After a short time you get a salty sea climate in the room. The dosing capacity is sufficient for rooms with a floor space of app. 25 m². The brine solution is primed out of an air sealed bag (Politainer). This bag interfolds when the liquid brine solution is taken out. This procedure prevents the contamination of solution with germs of the ambient air. Then it is pressed through a very fine nozzle by a high-pressure solenoid diaphragm pump and nebulized. Furthermore a disinfection system is integrated. Operation via 3,2” full colour Touch display with a multitude of possibilities:

  • Operation modes: cyclic-, clock timer- and external control
  • Week-program for the definition of the individual operation times per day
  • Combination of the salt spray with light and sound effects
  • Pressure monitoring for filling level brine and nozzle
  • Day counter for the indication of a possible necessary disinfection and visual description of this procedure
  • Definition of several authorization levels. Each level allows different settings
SOLDOS-V3 for steam rooms

Technical Data

Area of application Steam rooms 
Electrical supply 230 V/AC 50 Hz  
Power supply 350 W  
Measures W 47 cm x H 71 cm x D 24 cm 
Nebulisation performance brine app. 100 ml/min 
Empty Weight / Operational Weight app. 15 Kg / 20 Kg 
Temperature range +10°C to +35°C 
Protection class IP44 

Scope of delivery

  • Controller with 3,2" Touch installed in housing
  • Motor diaphragm pump, low noise
  • Mounting board with console for brine bag
  • Nozzle stainless steel V4A with cover screen PE
  • Mounting sleeve and 5 m dosing tube PTFE
  • Disinfection set with disinfection tablet, mixing bottle and recipient
  • 5 kg sterile brine solution in Politainer (resp. 1 kg for private use)
  • Design cover




Photo: Nozzle and grommet


Soldos Düse + Wanddurchführung

To be provided by the builder

  • Plants room for the installation of system
  • Power socket 230 V/50 Hz

Points to be considered before the installation:

  • Before the installation of a SOLDOS all materials have to be checked on their corrosion resistance against the saline mixture of water and air both in the adequate steam cabinet and additionally in the ventilation pipework.
  • The SOLDOS is not licensed for medical purpose.
  • Use only pure, disinfected WDT brine solution with a salt concentration of app. 5%. WDT brine solution is delivered in a sterile condition in a closed bag. Outstanding brine solution is affected by bacterial impact and so should not be used.
  • In order to prevent drainage of the Politainer, the nozzle has to be installed on a higher level than the SOLDOS. If this is not possible a spring loaded non-return valve has to be installed in the dosing tube.
  • The SOLDOS-V3 is not useful for dry rooms (Tepidarium etc.). For this purpose we recommend to use the SOLDOS-SL or SOLFOG system.

Accessories/ Options

  • Push button plate with bonnet for flush mounting 
  • 2nd pump and nozzle for cabinets with a bigger surface square of 25 m²
  • Illumination
  • MP3 player and speakers
  • Nozzle cover screen in stainless steel