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Autocontrol systems

Plunge in and feel good!

Perfect water quality is desired and required by users of private or public swimming pools. The prerequisite for outstanding water quality is an accurately functioning autocontrol system.

For public pools we recommend using our system that works with a potentiostatic, open measuring cell which has a good track record in reliability and stability of measuring chlorine. The cell consists of a large surface, self-cleaning round blank made of gold and a counter electrode. The redox/ORP measurement is done by a low-wear platinum round blank. This leads to a very long life cycle with low maintenance costs. The pH electrode is a glass rod electrode with a highly reliable reference system.

This sophisticated pH and Redox/ORP measuring system has been adopted for the use in autocontrol systems for private pools. A user friendly 7” touch screen is used for operation and visualisation. The measuring values and the current status can be remotely monitored by using browser driven devices (e.g. computer, tablet or smartphone).

A simple, quick and trouble-free installation is guaranteed as all components are pre-installed on a mounting board.