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Technique for Saunas

Only an aromatic sauna splash creates a perfect sauna experience!

Our automatic water and aroma splash system for sauna heaters is an important product of our portfolio. An automatic sauna splash helps to increase the efficiency and safety of the operation of a sauna in which the splash is offered. The splash procedure takes place reliably in defined time intervals and with a specified intensity. Due to this fact, an over-dosing of fragrance is avoided. Furthermore, the water quantity of the splash can be easily adapted to the capacity of the sauna heater. This helps to prevent unpleasant water puddles below the heater and unnecessary wear on the sauna stove.

Our LED illumination systems that are designed and produced especially for saunas round off the package with the special lighting effect your customers won´t forget. A glass rod decouples the LED illuminant from the hot sauna temperatures. This system allows the use of up-todate LED techniques in saunas.