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Dosing of Calcium Hypochlorite & Dichlor

Best water quality

It is such a good feeling to swim in perfectly hygienic water! Dosing techniques for chlorine granulate were one of our first developments. You benefit from our long-term experience in the dosing of chlorine granulate and can put our know-how to good use.

Calcium hypochlorite is one of four disinfection chemicals which is DIN 19643 certified. With the use of calcium hypochlorite you can easily comply with the threshold values of the chlorate and chlorite contents of swimming pool water.

• High chlorine concentration
• High stability during storage
• Relatively low danger potential
• Low input of chlorate/chlorite
• Chemically/physiologically impeccable

Furthermore the system GRANUDOS is characterized by the fact that the granulate is dissolved completely in the machine. As a result, there is no sludge or residue in the dissolving unit and no blockage in the dosing pipe. Because of GRANUDOS´s simple construction, the operator of the unit will have to do minimal maintenance on the system which saves costs. As the granulate is dosed directly from the chemical drum, the system allows to a large extent dust free handling of the chemical.

The GRANUDOS can be controlled by every autocontrol system. The system is generally available for nearly all chemical buckets and drums in trade and not bound to just one manufacturer. This enables you to easily and quickly install the unit. In summary GRANUDOS is reliable, safe and easy to handle.


Inform yourself about the new GRANUDOS-FLEX.