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Nebulisation of brine solution

The positive influence of brine and salt for human beings is undisputed in general as well as in medical science. It has a healing effect in case of skin and respiratory diseases. Mankind has used the mineral (mainly dissolved as brine solution) since thousands of years as a cure.

Our systems SOLDOS and SOLFOG for the nebulisation of brine solution are mainly used in wellness applications to create a salty sea climate in steam rooms, infrared cabins, salt grottos etc. In the context of a brine therapy the usage of such applications can be a supporting element.

As the nebulised brine solution is breathed in as an aerosol it is imperatively necessary, that the used system is hygienically unobjectionable and that bacterial impact will be prevented. For this reason the brine solution of WDT is sterilised with hydrogen peroxide and packed air-tight. Furthermore a disinfection programme to keep the system absolutely clean is included.

Besides the high hygienical standards our systems are characterised by an easy installation and operation.

SOLFOG - brine fog maker for dry rooms