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Dosing of Activated Carbon Powder

The prerequisite for perfect bathing pleasure is the assurance of clear and clean water as well as fresh air. DIN 19643 guidelines were established to reduce chloramines and bounded chlorine in the swimming pool water and to ensure healthy conditions in swimming pools. Following this standard, WDT has developed a practical system for the dosing of activated carbon powder to solve this problem.

The dosing systems from our product line PAKDOS, are generally useful for all filter types and filter sizes to dose activated carbon powder cleanly into the filter cycle. The PAKDOS 60 was developed for the dosing of less expansive, dry carbon powder directly from the carbon drum. For smaller pools we recommend the use of the suspension preparing unit, PAKDOS Mini. The suspension that is made of dust-free, acidic carbon powder is dosed by peristaltic pumps. Both systems are easy to integrate into the filter cycle.

In summary PAKDOS´s key advantages are operational reliability and easy handling.