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Experience Showers

Smell, sight, hearing and touch

Our product line, Experience Showers, activates all the senses of the user of a wellness shower. Aromatised rain showers with light and sound effects create a pleasant dream worlds for the user.

With the push of a button, a warm tropical rain patters down onto the shower guest. An exotic aroma fills the air. Birds tweet and a warm light shines. Flashing lights and growling thunder fill the room. This is only one of many possible shower scenarios that are realisable with our product line Experience Showers.

There are nearly no limits to the fantasy and the technical possibilities available. The conceptual design of the components is organized in kits that can individually be configurated. A simple, quick and trouble-free installation is guaranteed as all components such as the controller, thermo-mixer, solenoid valves, non-return valve, aroma pump and aroma reservoir are pre-installed on a mounting board.

Experience Showers – ShowerVision – Water in the next dimension

Experience showers with chrome plated ceiling elements

Experience showers with PVC or backlit ceiling elements