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Foam for Hammam Massages

Oriental pleasure. The Hammam is an important part of the Islamic bathing and body culture. It is also wellknown under the name “Turkish bath” or “Oriental bath”. Washing is a fundamental ritual in the Hammam. For this purpose a cotton bag is soaped by the Hammam master, then filled with air by swinging it round. The foam is stripped off the textile  and rubbed onto the body for the massage.

We adapted this procedure for the development of our product FOAMDOS. As in the traditional method, a pleasant smelling foam is generated by water, air and soap, but automatically on demand. The foam can be put onto the body by a hand shower. The massage is done either by the guests themselves or by a masseur.

The system was originally designed for the installation under a massage table. The design is therefore very compact. The unit is easy to install and maintain.

FOAMDOS foam for Hammam massages