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Foot bath sputtering system

Keeping healthy according to the famous German pastor, Kneipp. Taking alternating hot and cold water foot bathes is an approved therapy method. It has been proven that stress levels can be reduced by alternating cold and warm water. Foot bathes also improve the cardiovascular system. The “Guidelines for the building of Saunas” by the association “Deutscher Sauna-Bund e.V.” recommends the use of foot bathes in connection with taking a sauna.

With WDT´s system you can alternatively enjoy warm or cold foot bathes. After the automatic filling, air is blown into the basin to pleasantly stimulate the foot reflex zones. Due to an integrated disinfection concept the system is totally hygienic and can be used by several persons one after the other without hesitation.

In addition to the technical equipment package, we also offer attractively designed foot bathes made of stainless steel, Corian® or ceramics.