GRANUDOS 45/100-Touch

Dosing of Calcium Hypochlorite Granulate

Dosing system for calcium hypochlorite granulate and acid for the drinking water, cooling water, waste water and exhaust gas desinfection.

The dosed chemical is completely dissolved, sucked off by an injector system and fed into the system as hypochlorous acid. Continuous dosing or dosing controlled by external controllers. Controlling and monitoring of all functions. To prevent deposits and for neutralisation of the the produced chlorine solution an acid dosing is integrated in the system.

GRANUDOS 45/100-Touch

Technical Data

Electrical supply 230 V/AC, 50 Hz 
Power supply 390 W 
Water supply DN20  
Water outlet to injection point DN20 
Measures (W/H/D) 600 x 1500 x 800 mm 
Weight ca. 50 kg 
Dosing performance oxygene granulate GR45: 0,1 - 2 kg/h - GR100: 0,2 - 4 kg/h 
Dosing performance algicide (optional) 3 l/h 
Pre-pressure min. 0,2 bar  
Back-pressure max. 1,2 bar 

Scope of delivery

Vertical support: Rotating drum carrier, steel, zinc and blue powder coated, drum fixing device with clamp bands and safety belt. 

Chlorine dosing: Dosing hopper to be screwed on the chemical drum. Dosing motor, dosing screw, knocker to support the dosing. Capacitive switch for empty monitoring of the drum. 

Acid dosing: Peristaltic dosing pump, suction lance with empty report of the canister, dosing valve 3/8“ in the dissolving system. 

Dissolving system: Pre-filter d 75, flushing tank, booster pump, venturi, mixing cyclone. Monitoring of the pump app. 1000 l/h at 1,2 bar by pressure switch. Monitoring of the suction performance of the venturi. Level monitoring in the flushing tank.

Control techniques: 

  • Coloured 7” Touch-Graphic display to indicate the current status of the unit and the operation parameters
  • Simple and clearly arranged user guidance of the screen
  • Faults and alarms are illustrated by self-explaining icons
  • With integrated meter for chlorine consumption
  • Integrated test programmes for all functions
  • Monitoring of all control components of the system
  • Operation languages: German, English and French
  • Event storage (data logging)

Interface: USB for data export 

Remote indication via browser driven devices (e.g. tablet or smartphone) 

  • Indication of the current operational states, errors and alarms

The GRANUDOS is generally available for nearly all chemical buckets and drums in trade. Please mention the demanded drum if you will place an order for GRANUDOS 45 or GRANUDOS 100.

To be provided by the builder

  • Power supply
  • Supply tubing and tubing to the injection point
  • Tubing of the overflow to the drain 
  • Autocontrol system to control the dosing of the chemicals

Accessories/ Options