HYPODOS 200/300

For single pools

Dissolving system for calcium hypochlorite granulate or other granuled checmicals. The dissolving water that is coming from the filter is flowing through the Turbodissolver in which the chemical is filled-in. Nozzles at the Turbodissolver are creating a high turbulence at the floor of the unit and the chemical is dissolved as completely as possible without other handling or stirrer. The partly slurry solution is flowing over into the dosing tank. After the lapse of the filling procedure the solution has a constant concentration. The swimming filter on the surface is separating particels and creates a clean dosing solution for a reliable operation. 

HYPODOS 200/300

Technical Data

Water supply DN15 
Diameter 200/300 56 cm / 65 cm 
Height 200/300 105 cm / 115 cm 
Empty weight 200/300 15 kg / 20 kg 

Scope of delivery

  • Dosing tank PE 200 or 300 l with ball valve
  • Turbodissolver
  • Empty switch with 3 m cable
  • Suction tube PVC 4x1 with non return valve
  • Swimming filter



To be provided by the builder

  • Supply tubing from the filter cycle 

Accessories/ Options

  • Dosing pump
  • Injection valve
  • Autocontrol system