Foot bath sputtering system for 2 basins

Foot bath sputtering system

The programme is activated by a push-button. The guest has the choice between a cold or warm water treatment. After pressing the button the filling of the basin starts. It stops when an adjustable water level is reached. Then the bubbling starts automatically for a programmable time. After the lapse of this time the bubbling stops and a dwell time follows. Afterwards the basin is emptied automatically. During the dwell time the bubbling can be restarted before the emptying. During the filling procedure a chlorine solution is dosed to disinfect the whole system (drain-, air piping and basin) and the feet of the user. Both basins can be operated independent from each other. 

 Foot bath sputtering system for 2 basins

Technical Data

Electrical supply 230 V/AC 50 Hz  
Power supply max. 600 W 
Measures W 50 cm x H 40 cm x D 15 cm 
Weight 4 kg 
Water supply 2 x 1" female thread 
Outlet to the 2 basins 4 x solenoid valve 3/4"  
Measures W 50 cm x H 50 cm x D 15 cm 
Weight 10 kg 
Water consumption according to basins dimensions!  

Scope of delivery

Controller consisting of:

  • 2 x Micro processor controller in housing
  • Potis for the adjustment of the single parameters (Sputtering time, dwell time...)
  • 2 x Pressure switch and 2 x pressure measuring device for the regulation of the water level
  • Completely pre-wired on PP board grey

Water part consisting of:

  • 2 x supply (warm/ cold) with pre-filter and ball valve 1" female thread
  • Thermo mixer JRG 1" with non-return valves
  • 4 x outlet with solenoid valve 3/4" and screwing for the filling
  • Completely tubed and pre-wired on PP board grey
  • 2 x Push button plate 2 fold with bonnet for flush mounting and name plates for the start of the programme
  • 2 x Peristaltic pump with console and bottle 1,5 l for the disinfection incl. dosing tube and dosing valve

DD-0-Compact mit Konsole_ret

2 x Side channel vacuum blower, 0.20 kW 230 V - 50 HZ, IP55 for sputtering effect


2 x Motor-ball valve 2-ways PVC DN32 PTFE/EPM 230 VAC D40 S6 max. 3,5 bar for the automatical drainage of the basin


To be provided by the builder

  • Plants room for the installation of the control panels
  • Power socket 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Water connection cold 1"
  • Water connection warm 1"
  • Needed pressure: 3 bar dynamic
  • Water quantity: according to basins dimensions
  • Tubing to water outlet 2 x DN20
  • Drainage tube 2 x DN40
  • Air tube 2 x DN25
  • 2 x basin with false floor

Accessories/ Options

  • LED RGB illumination for the basins
  • Basins with false floor made of ceramics or Corian on demand