INARIJÄRVI - Wood treatment

Sauna care products LAHTI

Stains on wooden surfaces in the outdoor sauna area can be avoided. Regular use with INARIJÄRVI makes your outdoor sauna looking new for longer period of time. And the best part is: INARIJÄRVI is an all-natural, bio-based product that is completely harmless to health.

  • For all outdoor wooden surfaces exposed to natural weathering
  • Long-lasting protection through the lotus blossom effect
  • Made from natural ingredients, dermatologically
  • harmless


The surface must be dry, clean, and free of dust and grease before Inarijärvi is applied. We recommend using it on a test surface first.

  • INARIJÄRVI should be applied undiluted and evenly onto the surface to be protected. Brushes, rollers, and sprayers are suitable for the application. The working temperature should not fall below +5°C.
  • Repeat after 24–48 hours for a second coat!

Available in container sizes:

  • 5,0 l canister
  • 1,5 l canister
  • 0,5 l spray bottle

1 L sufficient for the treatment of 10 m² bench surface (two coatings).

INARIJÄRVI - Wood treatment